General Questions

General Questions

It’s natural to have questions about your child’s health. We encourage our patients to ask our healthcare team anything you would like to know or are wondering about. Below you’ll find a few general/frequent questions, but remember, we’re always here to help you better understand you and your child’s health.

1. What is Express Pediatric Care?

At Express Pediatric Care we take care of all your child’s healthcare needs.  We have a great team of providers, bilingual nurses & administrative staff who are all ready to meet your needs. We see patients from newborn to 18 years old. We also have comprehensive in-house laboratory services. However, for certain specialized services such as X-rays, MRIs, Ultrasounds etc. we refer our patients to specialists when further evaluation or treatment is needed. At Express Pediatric Care we also offer vaccinations for our patients we are also part of the South Carolina Vaccine for Children program. 

2. Can I be seen today?

Chances are, you can. We accept walk-in patients during non-busy workdays from 9:00 am – 11:00 am, and 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm. Just keep in mind that scheduled appointments will get priority, so it’s always preferred to schedule an appointment ahead of time. If you’re experiencing a minor emergency that doesn’t warrant a trip to the emergency room, though, we will do our best to work you into the schedule.

3. Is my doctor in every day?

Most of the time the provider will be there every day all week, unless anything changes, emergencies or vacations are taken, at which point you will be notified. 

4. Where is Express Pediatric Care?

We are located inside the Eastside Medical Center, next door to the Upstate Surgery Center, on the corner of Brendan Way.

5. What should I do before I come to my first appointment?

If you would like, when you schedule your first appointment you can ask them to send you the New Patient Information Packet. This packet will include the demographics and medical history form, as well as a map to find us, or you can come a few minutes early and fill them out in our office. We strongly recommend that you bring all medications that your child is taking to the first appointment and any medical record or vaccine record you have.  You should bring your insurance card and an identification card, along with birth certificate of child.

6. Can I schedule an appointment online?

Existing patients can request an appointment through our website and the Patient Portal-Patient Fusion, and our schedulers will get back to you within 24 hours. Additionally, if you are not an existing patient but would like to join Express Pediatric Care, you can complete an appointment online form and our staff will notify you upon receipt with the first available opening. Finally, you always have the option call or come into the office to make an appointment for your first visit. 

7. Can I view my medical record online?

Our current patients have access to view several areas of their medical record online. You can look up your lab results, see your upcoming appointment, and view demographics. Visit Patient Fusion for all information on your medical records.

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